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Human Rights within the Federal Government

Human Rights Program at Canadian Heritage works closely with human rights teams within the Department of Justice and the Department of Global Affairs. These three departments work together to provide support and guidance pertaining to human rights on multiple fronts:

  1. the Department of Justice develops and implements policies and laws in Canada;
  2. the Department of Global Affairs focuses on human rights from an international perspective; and,
  3. the Department of Canadian Heritage serves as the coordinating and facilitating agent for discussions on human rights between the provinces and territories and the federal government.

One of the roles of the Human Rights Program is to provide policy advice in developing Canada’s position on emerging human rights issues. The Program consolidates information on the reporting process to guide interdepartmental and intergovernmental discussions, with the goal of embedding human rights considerations in policy decisions in Canada.

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    Human Rights

    We are seeking to provide the Canadian public, Indigenous organizations and Canadian civil society organizations a virtual space to learn about human rights in Canada, exchange ideas and participate in various engagement opportunities.

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